A virtualization consultant originally from Washington, DC, that got her “priorities crooked” as my favorite comedian would say, through falling in love with travel.  After backpacking for year, I am continuing to learn to prioritize my life by whats important to me and going against social norms all the way.  Changed to be in an Independent Consultant to allow more time to travel and fuel my habit.  While not working, I am going back and forth to my new second home in Galapagos, where I assist with translating and web publicity for Hacienda Esperanza, a small volunteer organization focused on conserving the Galapagos, because I hope that other people fall in love with this place as much as I did.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I volunteered for a week this past summer in La Soledad and stayed in the Simbana’s housing. Your work is inspiring and so is your writing. I feel so strongly about everything you mentioned in your posts and, like you, haven’t been able to stop thinking about my time there since I returned this past August. I was also surprised to see a bunch of my own pictures on your site for Hacienda Esperanza! Not sure how you found those but made me smile all the same. Please contact me if you have a chance because going back to San Cristobal to spend more time on their project has been something I’ve known I wanted to do since before I even left. Thank you!

    • Thanks for your kind words and sorry for taking some liberty without asking. Unfortunately I didn´t have many pictures and wanted to give people an experience when more people were there. I am actually back now and will be here til the end of the month if you want me to say hello to anyone. Its nice to see how everything has changed and how different the different seasons are. Thanks again and I as well as the Simbana´s appreciate your positive feedback.

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